Tom Hardy Inspired Workout Plan

This isn’t the first time Hardy has portrayed a bad
ass evil villain. Most notably, his role
as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises inspired many
dudes to put on size with the incredible
transformation he underwent that had him looking
unrecognizably buff.

Prior to that, he took on his first athletic based role
in Warrior as an ex-Marine, Tommy Conlon, who
returns home after serving his country to train for
the biggest event in mixed martial arts history.

Of course, Tom Hardy has been in several films
both since and prior to these two movies. However,
if you were to ask him which two roles laid the
ground work for the way in which he trains in the
gym, undoubtedly the answer would be Bane and
Tommy Conlon.

From his role in Warrior, he was introduced to
mixed martial arts. A mentally challenging and
physically demanding form of training that Hardy
still partakes in (and used heavily in his
preparations for his upcoming role in Venom).


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