Healthy Weight Gain Meal Plans

You'll most often catch people talking about their struggles when it comes to losing
weight, but there are plenty of guys who find it just as difficult to gain weight when
they're trying to increase muscle mass. Known as "hard gainers," there are a number of reasons why some people—despite regularly exercising and lifting weights—might struggle to increase strength.


Chief among them: They're not eating right.


“If you want to make more muscle cells, you need to eat more food,” While being
granted permission to chow down may sound like a dream, it doesn’t mean you can just start gorging on pizza at every meal.


Food quality is just as important as quantity, especially if you want to build muscle.


“You need to make sure that you’re fueling your body so that it can recover."


Essentially, resistance training creates micro tears in your muscles. The muscle
repairs itself, and your muscles become bigger and stronger, but they still need the
right building blocks, like protein, to do so. If you decide to bulk up by eating junk,
you’ll gain fat along with muscle.


These strategies will help you gain weight the right


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