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Hi Guys, You may have noticed me around the gym floor or in a class. My name is Teejay and here's a little something about me.


Best thing about me:

My complete motivation and dedication – I know how it feels to be at my very worst, this drives me to push past it to become my very best.

I use my own experiences to then bring out the best in my clients creating that 'Personal' touch.


My skills:

Qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor with a wealth of skills, fitness experience and passion for the industry. I am a strong motivator, helping my clients drive forward to reach their goals and push themselves to the next level.

I instruct Metafit, HIIT, Kettlebell, CrossFit and Resistant Band classes which enables me to use different techniques and pieces of equipment to design savvy and innovative workout sessions and programs.


My Knowledge:

I have strength trained for over 4 years now – using different techniques for muscle development and hypertrophy. I adapt various approaches to training, e.g. interval training for cardiovascular training, and super-setting, pyramid, and giant sets for resistance training.

I competed in my first ever Spartan competition in 2015 qualifying for world championship status, this has been an ongoing journey of mine over the past few years with the gold set in sight.


My Qualifications:

• Level 2 Fitness Instructor

• Level 3 Personal Trainer

• Level 4 Strength And Conditioning Coach

• Kettlebell Instructor

• Metafit Instructor

• World Championship Elite Spartan Contender 2019